Deluxe Wood Spoon Large

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 Professional hardwood wooden spoon Large

  • It’s strong this means that it can stir thick things without breaking and it can scrape things off of the bottom of pans or pots.
  • It’s soft, this means that with the possible exception of non-stick pans it’s not going to scratch the finish of your cookware.
  • It has a high heat tolerance; this means that it won’t melt if it rests on the side of a pan or stirs something really hot.

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Deluxe Wood Spoon

This 36cm (14 ) professional hardwood wooden spoon is also a size that you must have in the kitchen. You’ll pick up your wooden spoon almost every time you cook, whether you’re sauteing onions or stirring up a pot of mushroom chilli.There Are two reasons that a wooden spoon is such an essential tool.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1.5 × 4 × 14 in


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